Friday, February 19, 2010

When You're Strange...

Update 3/23/2010:

WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE wins award at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, Texas. Read the article here.

Update 3/15/2010:

WHEN YOU'RE STRANGE - the first-ever documentary on The Doors, will open in the following extended cities on April 9, according to Doors manager & film producer Jeff Jampol:

New York City - Los Angeles - Boston - Philadelphia - Chicago - Dallas - Houston - Seattle - San Francisco - Nashville - Madison, WI - Houston -

Atlanta (opens at the Cinefest Film Theatre)
Athens, GA (opens at the Cine theater)

Word has it that it will also open in New Orleans on 4/16, and in Albuquerque, NM in May.

See the new and updated site, and follow The Doors on Twitter!

Earlier Post:

Earlier this week, I blogged about artistic passion--a fitting precursor for today's post. Why? Because today I'm giving updates on When You're Strange, the Doors documentary I've been waiting to see for over a year.

When You're Strange will be released in 8 cities on April 9th. Once word spreads, more cities should follow. Atlanta is 1 of the 8. (Excuse me for a moment while I do the Snoopy Dance down Peachtree Street...)

The cities are: Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Whether you're a Doors fan or not, these 4 artisans were an influential part of our history. Seeking, questioning, and expressing how they saw the world, even when others didn't understand them. Particularly Jim Morrison. Whether the public liked them or not, "got" their message or not, they remained dedicated to their art and made music the way they wanted to make it. In today's world of pop culture and celebrity (and everything for sale in between) I must say, that element of sticking to one's convictions is a rare and precious thing.

And while I'm talking about artists who stick to their vision, let me add here that When You're Strange is written/directed by Tom DiCillo, an award-winning filmmaker as well as one of my favorite artists on the planet. For a complete listing of his previous films, click here. (These are all in my DVD collection, by the way.) You can view the trailers for his other films on the main blog page, links are to the right.

And did I mention that When You're Strange is narrated by Johnny Depp? Yep. I think he's an ideal choice for a narrator, seeing as how there is a soulful and reverent quality about him.

So if you're near one of these 8 cities, help spread the word and go see this film. More cities will follow, and let's keep the word spreading.


My original blog post on the topic

When You're Strange website

Writer/Director Tom DiCillo's Blog for updates

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brittney said...

Hey! I saw your post on and I'm going to the Atlanta showing of when you're strange too. I live in Alabama, two hours away, but my love for the doors knows no bounds haha anyway I would love to help spread the word so if you get any information on fliers or want to talk about creating our own fliers and putting up, if that's even legal? I'd love to. Plus if you ever find out about where they're showing the film I'd love to know because I've been googling it and haven't found any info yet. My names Brittney, btw.

The Writers Canvas said...

Hi Brittney!

Many thanks for leaving the comment! Believe me, I'm trying to spread the word too. I will keep you posted on the fliers. I've asked Tom about that too--last I heard he was talking to the producers/distributors of the film.

Like you, I want to make sure any fliers or papers I post in places are "legal" and in alignment with the film's distributor.

I *think* (and hope to confirm soon) that the film will open at the Landmark Midtown Theater in Atlanta. The reason I say that is because "Anvil/Story of Anvil" opened there, and that is the same distribution company that is releasing "When You're Strange." So my guess is, since they have a relationship by releasing another movie at the Landmark, chances are they would release it there again. Not definite, but that is my presumption. I hope to find out this weekend, as I'm going down there to see another film.

The URL for the midtown cinema is:

Not sure how well you know Atlanta, but this cinema is off the 85/75 connector, exit 10th or 14th Street. You can also get there by going GA 400.

2 hours away in Alabama...are you in Birmingham by any chance? I have friends, cousins, etc. scattered throughout myself, I'm an Auburn gal :)

Thanks again for commenting and I'll keep you posted!


brittney said...

I just looked at the theater's upcoming movies and it proves that I need to live in a bigger city! Those movies that come there would never be shown anywhere close to where I am. I live in Albertville, which is, I think, maybe an hour or two from birmingham. I drive to Oxford all the time, which is definitely 2 hours from Atlanta. I go there for concerts a lot so that's how I know. I'll keep checking your blog/this for if you find out anything about the theater for definite. I hope it's there though because that sounds like a great place.

The Writers Canvas said...

Hey Brittney,

Yeah, living in a big city is nice for the Indie films. Of course, New York City and Los Angeles often get movies (more of them) and sooner than we do, but at least we do get them.

I went to the Landmark today and asked them about WYS. They didn't have it on their upcoming roster, but the woman in charge of upcoming films was out of town. They encouraged me to call in another week or so.

So, I'm going to keep trying to find out where it will be released. A good note if you are traveling on 85/75 - the 10th St. bridge is finally open, making it easier to *get* to the Landmark theater, if it does indeed open there. There had been construction that closed the bridge/exit for over a year.


The Writers Canvas said...

Hey Brittney,

Supposedly someone from the distributor's office is going to email me soon, and maybe send me a box of fliers. I have no idea how soon they will get in touch w/me, but they have my email address.

If I do receive a box of fliers, I will certainly let you know. If you think folks in AL would want to come here for a road trip, maybe hanging up some around your neck of the woods would help. I have plenty of places to hang them up here.

I'll keep you posted. Will likely do another blog soon, so just check out this archived post w/comments. Or better yet, email me at I tried clicking on your blogger link but it didn't come up, so I can't see your blog or profile.

Thx - looking forward to April 9 :)


The Writers Canvas said...

Hey Brittney,

Found out that the Atlanta screening will be at the Cinefest, which is part of Georgia State University.
Their site is here:
Cinefest Film Theatre

Parking and navigating around that area will be tough, I won't lie to you. Supposedly, the MARTA train stop to GSU is 1 block from the theater. I may just take MARTA down there so I don't have to park.

You may want to call the theater and ask them - and you also may want to think about one of the daytime showings - or early evening at latest if you take MARTA.

That's all I know for now - keep me posted on when you plan to attend!