Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daylight Savings and Distractions

So how is everyone else holding up with Daylight Savings?

Me, not so much. I have felt much like a cat who spends its days attempting to, getting close, but never quite catching its tail. Not sure why. What's strange is, this is a pattern. Every spring and fall, this happens.


Is it psychological? Is it because some primal force in me wants to get that hour back? Perhaps, but this happens even when we gain an extra hour. For several days, I just feel antsy and "off", so to speak.

Of course, spring is eventually arriving (our Southern groundhog, the General Lee, LIED about there not being 6 more weeks of winter on this year's Groundhog Day) and I am looking forward to that. Bradford Pear trees blooming across the city--making all of Atlanta appear like it's dressed in lace and ready to attend a wedding. People sit out on front porches, lounge around at clustered tables on patios, enjoying the beautiful spring days that will arrive (or so I am telling myself - it consoles me with this cold snap we've been having). And of course, let's not forget that those of you in Atlanta can also enjoy the Doors documentary when it starts on April 9.

But, like all distractions in life, it's time to not let it get the upper hand. Things affect our lives all the time; the key is not letting it send you into upheaval. Yes, Daylight Savings and its offbeat self has tried to strike at the core of my creative nature, trying to zap me of any artistic impulse. But it's 2 days past when we turned our clocks, and I'm getting a bit wiser (or, I wish to think so).

Don't let distractions get to you. They can't be eliminated entirely, but you can conquer them and keep focused on your goals. As for me, that goal is to up my word count at the moment.

Keep going. Even without that extra hour, good things can come.



Pam said...

Great post, Elaine. I, too, have been distracted lately, by some medical issues, which are now resolved, but I'm STILL not back into my good daily routine. Since it pays the bills, my job has to by my Priority #1, and making sure my kids have what they need is Priority #2. But if I am going to write, that has to come before everything else. Thanks for the reminder!

The Writers Canvas said...

Glad to see your comment, Pam! Thanks!

I definitely know how the day job and other factors can come first. And yes, the day job does pay the bills (and having heat in such a cold winter when our groundhog LIED...okay, okay, perhaps I harp too much on that rodent).

Keeping writing in our daily radar is a good goal. When I go into the office, I bring my Alphasmart with me to use at lunch...letting me get in 45 min of writing time. On days I am home, I can get up earlier and write.

Just saying to not let your goals come behind everything else. Yes, laundry, shopping, day-to-day items do need their time and place--but make sure to carve out even a few minutes to do morning pages.

Thx again for commenting - it will be nice to *finally* meet you this weekend!


Ee Leen Lee said...

yes thats utterly right, a few minutes a day also counts

The Writers Canvas said...

Agree Ee Leen :)

Thanks for commenting! I agree.

One of my writer friends used to say that writing 250 words a day is equal to one page. One page a day multiplied by 365 days = one book per year.

Same in all goals :)


Josef Ralt said...

Hi Elaine
got here trough a mention on twitter and your writing stile feels like a leisurely flow of a river.I think I will stay for a while if you don't mind?

The Writers Canvas said...

Thanks for the kind words, Josef! Glad to see some Twitter traffic coming this way :)

I try to blog a few times per week. Not quite able to do every day, but I'm working toward more posts.