Friday, April 24, 2009

300-threadcount weekend

Hey all,

Last weekend, I attended a Deb Dixon seminar with my local writers group. Since the hotel/forum was about an hour away and Atlanta traffic is insane even during normal hours, I stayed at the hotel to relax, recoup, and get some writing done when we weren't using all our brain power to keep up with Deb Dixon's fantastic seminar.

One writer mentioned this was the first time she'd stayed at a hotel for a writing task, and how much she loved it. Loved having a bed to herself. Loved feeling 300 threadcount sheets. Loved room service. She was preaching to the choir. Not only does it let you go out with friends and get back late (without the worry of driving an hour home) but it's a great solitude place to catch up on some writing or editing. I spoke to another writer who does this once a month. My wallet and my home life don't really allow for that frequency, but I certainly understand the bliss she gets from getting a 300 threadcount weekend when she needs it.

Many hotels, particularly if you use someone like or expedia, have discount rates in their low seasons. That means you can get a 300-threadcount writing weekend (sometimes w/jacuzzi in the room too!) for less than $80 per night. Very worth it, though in this economy I confess that I'm only doing it if we have another function attached to it.

Try it sometime - you might be surprised at how much you get done. Someone asked me if I watched TV on those weekends, and my answer is...yes, but in moderation. Make sure writing is your first priority, but after I've written for several hours or done an intense day, yes I watch TV at night. The key is to have some balance, but not to forget why you're there.


Weronika said...

It's a nice way to get away, I agree. Though I've never gone on a trip like that for the sole purpose of catching up on writing/editing, I have found it easier to write in a setting like that.

Hope the trip went well.


The Writers Canvas said...

Thanks for commenting!

I never thought about getting away to a hotel just to write before 3 years ago. I was in the middle of my first manuscript - the muddy middle, as so many love to nickname it. I couldn't concentrate writing at home (and we usually have many people coming and going, so it wasn't quiet either) and I couldn't even concentrate in a coffeehouse.

I read one of Truman Capote's books that mentioned he did his best work in hotel rooms, and I thought 'well, why not?' It was mid-winter and off-season for several nice hotels in the area. I booked a weekend, brought my snacks/caffeine and laptop, and relaxed and wrote the entire weekend. It was great and I think that first weekend I did about 75 pages.

I tried it again the next year and got about 40 pages. Still, better than a regular weekend when distractions occur.

There's something about the quiet solitude, the humming of the fan, the being by yourself and able to write without errands, bills, family, etc. staring at you that makes--for me anyway--the writing easier.

Thanks again for commenting, and feel free to share any suggestions you have for bringing the muse to life :)