Monday, April 27, 2009

Powerful Music - See if it works for you

Hi all,

Just a quick post to talk about the incredible power of music. While I know not everyone likes to write to music, I still wanted to share this for those that do. These 2 songs have been immensely powerful as I am filling in the details/polishing up the prologue of my fourth manuscript.

Every book tends to have a different soundtrack. Some songs work better to write scenes with certain characters. Right now, even though there are no Irish themes in my current work in progress, music by The Pogues is a wormhole straight to the muse as I write one specific character’s scenes. I tried listening to them while writing other characters. It didn’t work. Hey, I don’t question the muse. I just court her when she shows up. If The Pogues works for one character and other music/randomness works for others, that’s what I’ll do.

But for this prologue...the 2 songs below ROCK. If you can write to music, and you have any kind of intense, emotional, or heart-wrenching scenes to write - - these 2 songs have done wonders for me. Wanted to share with you. There’s a link so you can listen to a preview on Amazon.

Enjoy, and go forth with wherever the muse might take you!

Bring on the Wonder by Susan Enan featuring Sarah McLachlan

Feel It Now by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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