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When You're Strange film by Tom DiCillo - updated links:

2010: Read the most recent updates here.

The film will open in select cities on April 9, 2010.

Older Links

Watch the When You're Strange AMC News Interview with writer/director Tom DiCillo and Doors members Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger (2 minutes)

Watch the When You're Strange Sundance Channel Interview with Tom, Ray and Robby (4 minutes)

Watch the When You're Strange In the Can Sundance Interview with Tom, Ray and Robby (9 minutes)

Read The Doors Magazine Interview

Well, perhaps I’m strange. I’m posting a blog to promote an Indie which hasn’t even been released yet. Why? Because I’m excited about this one and want to get the word out. Plus, this documentary is written/directed by one of my favorite Indie filmmakers, Tom DiCillo.

WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Jan 09, and is being shown at the Berlin Film Fest in Feb 09 and the SXSW Film Conference and Festival (SXSW) in Austin in March. The documentary is about Jim Morrison/The Doors. Stay tuned for additional details on a theatrical release.

Wolf Films (the folks who do Law & Order) is planning to do a full theatrical release of the film, which includes music and footage. Read Tom DiCillo’s blog post on this project.

Mention Jim Morrison in mixed company and you get an array of responses. Myths, legends, and ambiguous feelings all come together. Yet despite much being written about The Doors (some of it incorrect over the years), I encourage everyone--whether you’re a fan or not--to check out WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE when it’s released.


* Indie filmmaker Tom DiCillo has the rare, precious talent of extracting intimate, soulful moments on screen. He’s able to sift through the external muck surrounding everyday topics and enhance the gold underneath. His films always nourish my spirit, and I’m sure this one will too.

* DiCillo’s artistic eye--everything from music to cinematography--should make for an amazing film experience.

* I’m willing to bet this film will be a different take on The Doors than you’ve ever seen before.

* The music will be incredible with today’s sound technology.

* Learning more about those who influenced history with their quest for artistic freedom and truth helps us make sense of our own humanity.

* Because I’m recommending it, folks! Keep WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE in your memory. It will be worth it when it comes out. More details to follow!

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