Friday, December 12, 2008

Sneak Peeks into Artistic Creations

There’s something delicious that swells in my soul when I encounter creative art in progress. Writing books is a muse-thrill all its own, but I also take great joy in learning, seeing, and watching others create something.

A great one-liner from the film “Art School Confidential” illustrates my point: Artists live for that narcotic moment of creative bliss.

Watching and knowing the behind-the-scenes details of something which the public finally sees is, I dunno, amazingly wonderful to me. It’s like those times in junior high school, when my good friend’s uncle was a radio DJ; he got us into sneak preview movie premieres all the time. We saw those great films before anyone else! *Thrills and Giggles*

So often in life, I feel like I’m the last to know something. So when creations enter the world which I've seen or heard about evolving, it’s a rewarding feeling--even if I’m not the artist behind it.

I wrote the Indie 13 blog post, announcing the eventual release of When You’re Strange. Tom DiCillo has kept a blog since he began this Doors project, and it’s been interesting to read how it progressed. I can’t wait to see it in theatres.

Today (12/12), “Delgo” starts in theatres. This is the creation of Fathom Studios (Marc Adler and Jason Maurer) located in Atlanta. They’re also an animation/film arm of the well-known and respected company Macquarium. I had the great pleasure of working a 6-week contract job there, about 1 ½ years ago. It’s one of the most exciting, innovative and creative places I’ve ever worked. During that time, all the employees were invited to see “Delgo” during work hours. Today, it’s released in theatres. It’s exciting, knowing this day would eventually arrive.

And it was cool to even know the behind-the-scenes information on pets. Disney made a movie called “Murder She Purred” many years ago. A friend of mine owned one of the German Shepherds in the movie, and she kept an ongoing blog of the many ups and downs of training/working with animals on set, and how it was challenging with some actors. (Incidentally, my favorite part of her blog was that the actor, Ed Begley Jr., loved German Shepherds, and was often scolded by the wardrobe lady because he continued to roll around on the grass playing with them between takes. As a shepherd lover myself, this tidbit instantly raised Ed Begley Jr.’s stock in my book.)

So, I am happy for these friends and past co-workers who are ushering their precious pieces of art into the world. One day, with whichever book may work, I hope to do the same. Meanwhile, I'm settling in to cornflower blue Atlanta skies, chilly weather, and warm raspberry tea to court the muse. We'll see how often she shows up!

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