Monday, February 2, 2009

Persistence...and we're into February!

Hello all,

One of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more, especially after receiving some emails from people claiming that yes, y'all really DO read and recommend my blog! Puts the pressure on, but that's good. The brain needs to think.

And that's a key note for any creative endeavor: you have to refill the well. Some days I get so antsy with hitting a certain word count or spending so much time writing that the result isn't necessarily bad--it's just not as good as it could be.

Take time to breathe. Go walk around a town square or city avenue. Stroll under the glimmering high rises of the city or bask under a willowy tree in the country. Listen to music. Find new music, stuff you normally wouldn't even listen to. You might surprise yourself. Watch new films, devour looking at paintings, photographs, read books of all kinds--all of these things can speak to our souls, helping us refill the well.

And don't forget to never, ever quit!


Sandy Elzie said...


Loved your blog post...especially the comment about the things we can do to "refill the well".

I watch a good movie to take me away from the day's stress or just to put my mind at rest after using it to put out a lot of words that day. Or I hunt down hubby upstairs in HIS office (we have a his and her things going on with office space) or out in the garage where he works with wood to destress and we go do something together.

Thanks for stopping by Petit Fours and Hot Tamales this evening. Now that I know you're here, I'll stop by again.

Sandy Elzie

The Writers Canvas said...

Thanks Sandy! I love your blog too!

Yep, refilling the well is definitely worth the time and effort. Often we don't realize we're burnt out until it's too late to come up with any other ideas.

Thanks - keep stopping by!


Deadra said...

Hi There Elaine,
Refilling the well, its something that we have to do continuously. Once I was so overwhelmed with work, home, and was trying to get a submission ready. I called a girlfriend who reminded me of what I could do to refill my well. Plugging into that creative side, the passion is really what makes each of us who we are - its our core.
Happy Blogging.

The Writers Canvas said...

Yes, indeed. I'm like you--it's easy to forget to fill that well, and we don't notice it's on absolute empty until it's too late and we're stressing.

Good points, thanks for posting!