Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The joy of what we do...

I've been particularly impressed by a few recent conversations/things I've caught on TV/life. All of them have come down to this one point: Take joy in what you do. If it can't be your means of income, then make time to pursue those things which bring joy into your life.

I talked to the owner of a framing store today, as I was in there getting a wonderful gift custom-framed. I definitely see the immortality and creativity in taking photographs, filming something, drawing something. But somehow I never associated that a framemaker could see his job as an artist as well. He spoke about how people come in, wanting custom made retirement print frames which he designs, and those pieces of gold are in people's homes, living on with a soulful flicker.

I was definitely impressed. Take time to find the joy and artistic beauty in what you do, and do it as often as you can :)

More later!

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