Friday, March 28, 2008

Humming Irish tunes through the days...

Happy Friday!

I'm soooooo glad it's the weekend. Ready to relax a bit, ready to get some more writing done. This past week, I discovered that I need to go back and layer in another subplot throughout the book. This is never a fun discovery when I'm on page 200, but it's one that will make the book better, so I shall tackle it!

Am continuing to listen to Irish tunes to keep the muse alive, as well as get me through some of these annoying book tasks. One particular song, which I must confess I always thought was Bob Dylan but is actually Donovan, is "Try and Catch the Wind." It's a great song, one of those that has been used in many movie soundtracks and friendship scenes.

As far as movies go, I'll also be checking out "21" this weekend. Great cast, great story according to the previews. On the book front, I am re-reading "Gone, Baby, Gone" by Dennis Lehane. This is a series and I'm going back and reading his books in order.

I must say writing sequels can be challenging, but Dennis Lehane pulls it off with style. You don't have to read his prior books to get the basic plot, but it helps if you do.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

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