Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve celebration. For me, that consisted of picking up some gourmet (and easy to cook) dishes from a local specialty store, and staying in to watch DVDs. There's too much chaos on the roads for my taste, and going out to dinner can often mean a 3-hour wait on a night such as 12/31.

So we had our Chicken Paris, our twice-baked potato salad and creamed spinach, and special key lime tart pies for dessert. The kids joined us, made smores on the grill, and a good time was had by all :)

This morning, I found something in my desk drawer. It was our 2011 Christmas letter, along with my 2012 New Year Resolutions. Since I usually misplace these things, it was fascinating to me to read these and see how many I kept over the 2012 year. To my astonishment, I kept 6 out of 10. That's pretty good. More than half.

I hope for better numbers in 2013, of course, but I would say 60% is my best year yet.

So here we go, with 2013 resolutions:

1. Take a pottery class. Do something different and artistic.
2. Take the plunge into self-publishing my 4-book Elemental series. Book 1 ("Water's Blood") is scheduled for Feb 1 release, with Book 2 out by late summer.
3. Get in better shape/eat healthy.
4. Take the time to write, draw, paint, whatever inspires me.
5. Blog more!

What about you? What are your goals for 2013?

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