Thursday, June 21, 2012

Picnic tables aren't always good things...

I'm dog-sitting one of my grand-dogs today, Chella. She apparently was running after something at full speed and slammed into a picnic table's edge. Ouchy!

After numerous meds and some stitches by the vet, now she is required to take it easy and rest. So far, she seems to be pretty out of it. This is a good thing, because if she starts to get fussy and tries to rip out her stitches, then I have to put the "cone of shame" on her. You know, one of those funny looking lampshade things that prevent dogs from harming themselves. In Pixar's movie "UP", there was an adorable dog character who so aptly named this "the cone of shame."

So, with my Diet Coke in hand, I am ready and prepared for anything...

For those of you who can access video, watch the few seconds of "UP" talking about the cone of shame :)

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