Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doors Doc airing on PBS 5/12 Wed nite

Hey all!

I just returned from a mini-trip to enjoy a bit of relaxation, celebrate some things, see family and do book research. I love these multi-purpose trips; they make me feel productive :)

For those of you who either live in cities where the Doors doc did not play in theater, or those who want to see it on TV, it is airing tomorrow night - WEDNESDAY May 15, at 9pm EST, on PBS. Check your local listings. It's part of their music programming during sweeps week.

I believe it's 98 minutes long, so even those of you who aren't night owls can still get to sleep early. I did see this in theater but only once. The theater it opened at in Atlanta had its challenges to get to and park, so I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing it on my TV in surround sound.

So check it out! Narrated by Johnny Depp, written/directed by Tom DiCillo.

Website for film (including trailer) - www.whenyourestrangemovie.com


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