Sunday, January 3, 2010

Intriguing Piece of Art...

Hope everyone has been enjoying the New Year so far! As I tiptoed downstairs this morning (oh, so chilly even with the heat going full-blast), my goal was to sit butt in chair and start writing. No distractions. No writer's block. Just pouring forth.

And then I sat here.

And sat.

And well, sometimes I have to admit that I need inspiration to begin. Most times the self-discipline and excitement in a project can be enough to get me going. Other days (like this morning) I will browse a few blogs and then "dive in" as they say.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors; I was delighted to discover he had written and directed a short film called Statuesque starring Bill Nighy (who I really like from Richard Curtis films anyway).

The link below probably won't be active for long, but it is a lovely, artistic, unique and pleasing-in-the-morning little gem. Thought I'd share here...

Watch the short film.

I'm not usually one for films without dialogue, but I must say these 8 minutes are a beautiful little treat. And now, inspired and craving strawberry jam (great visuals in the film)--I am off to write and float and let my imagination rise...

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