Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wishing I lived in NYC today...

Been awhile since I blogged, I know. I went to a few writer's conferences and meetings, which were wonderful but draining. Plus, I've been sending out those requested submissions and trying to piece together the next book idea, which takes some time.

But onto today's subject. I must say, I like the South. It's the ideal place for me. Four distinct seasons, I live in a large metro area with everything available, I get nonstop flights everywhere.
Most times (despite some friends urging me to move there) I have no desire to live in NYC.

But on occasion, particularly when a film comes out that I *really* want to see, I wish I lived there. Because many films start in NYC and LA before coming to the bigger cities in the country.
And I was disappointed that the Oct 30th start date of "All Saints Day: Boondock Saints II" did not include Atlanta. So I decided to wait...patiently...until it does arrive in bigger cities.

Then I saw this link on Facebook. Now I want to get a one-way flight to NYC and watch this film!!!!

I know, I know. It'll come to Atlanta one day. And when it does, I shall be there. Because as much as I don't like bloody movies, I think writer/director Troy Duffy is fantastic. He's got that Indie spirit of persistence, that "I'll show you" attitude of an artist.

Watch a clip of the first 5 minutes of the movie. I so can't wait to see it now :)


Willena said...

I think it's sad that Atlanta is often overlooked as a venue for artistic endeavors of every kind. It's a strange parochialism that New York and L.A. have. They have even degradingly called the middle of the country "the fly-over states."

The Writers Canvas said...

Yeah, I agree. But at least we do eventually get them. It may take a few extra weeks, but am glad even a few Indie theatres in Atlanta exist :)

Anonymous said...

I feel much the same way, but I am pleased to say that in Charlotte, NC a greater desire for more indie films has lead to a great showing of them! It is a delightful happenstance. Now if only the theaters were larger (they remind me of old, hidden speakeasys!).

One day markers may realize there is a growing art audience outside of the "traditonal" cities. When they do, indie films will be able to be more mainstream with the followings that might surprise even the regulars. IMHO.

Merry Christmas, Elaine. Wishing you all successes and joy in the new year. You've earned them twice over. It is a pleasure getting to read/know you.

The Writers Canvas said...


Thanks so much for the kind comment :) And you're least we do get Indie films, even if they're a bit delayed.

I love the Charlotte area. I have friends up that way and try to go a few times a year. Never during winter, though, as my 2 experiences driving in ice storms were on my trips to Charlotte :)

Happy new year!