Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trying to kick the doldrums to the curb...

Happy weekend, all. Sorry I haven't blogged much lately (and some of you have mentioned know who you are!)

I'm attempting to fight the doldrums today. Life threw me a curve ball this morning. I'd been looking forward (all week) to attending a writing seminar on Sunday. I'd made plans to check into the hotel early today (Sat) and have a mini-writing getaway without distractions, then attend the seminar all day tomorrow.

Enter reality: the instructor had a family emergency and had to cancel the event. While I still enjoy mini-weekends away (even if in my same city) to write and relax, I wasn't up to doing it this time unless the seminar happened. It's a quiet weekend around our house, and I could just as easily write here (without paying $ for every Diet Coke I consume, which, when writing, is a lot).

Financially, all money will be refunded so I'm not worried. It's just that I'd been super excited about this one, and now it won't happen. He's booked for the next year w/seminars (none of which come back near my area) so it may be a long time before I get to attend this one workshop.

Nuther sigh. Well, let's just say it right now. BIG SIGH. Whine. Sigh. Whine some more.

But this moan-and-groan post is serving one purpose: I am disappointed that I will not be spending 9-10 hours on Sunday sitting in a writing workshop. What's the plus side of this? I am a person who actually would enjoy giving up 1 day on my weekend to do this. Which is another stroke of reality that writing is my calling--whether publication happens or not.

I've had to attend all kinds of snore-fest seminars for my day job(s) over the years. If one of those got cancelled, I would be doing cartwheels across America. But one which I *want* to go to gets cancelled, and I'm suddenly Mrs. Eeyore. (and yes, some of you say I can be stubborn as a mule too, so no jokes!)'s 1:40 pm. I have time left today to write/edit my mess of a current manuscript, and that's what I intend to do. The Eeyore part of me wants to crawl away and hide somewhere, but I can't let life's curve balls stop me. Got to keep moving forward, yanno?

The last few days have been quite productive (as I anticipated the weekend, of course!) but I need to keep up the pace. Always take time to relax and lick the wounds when needed, but always continue the work.

Nuff said. Now go write!



David Hunter said...

I feel the same way, got the doldrums. Maybe it's the rain.

You are really lucky, I can't seem to get away long enough to GO to a writers conference...if there ever ARE any here in this little backwater town I call Toronto.

Keep your chin up and keep writing, it's all we can do to keep sane.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi checking in on you . . . hope you're writing away and being a Tigger by now !! And remember:

You won't finish it, if you don't begin it.


The Writers Canvas said...

Thanks David. Helps to know other writers face the same thing.

You're right. I heard somewhere that writing is an act of courage. And we all just need to keep showing up at the keyboard to get those words on paper :)

Thx for commenting,

The Writers Canvas said...

Thanks for commenting and checking on me, Terry! I'm less of an Eeyore now and more toward Tigger. Not in complete bounce-mode yet, but getting there :))))


Willena said...

Do you feel better now that you got that out of your system?

How did the re-writes go? Were you able to write all day?

I'm torn between writing and grading the homework of many lazy students, so I'm in the doldrums myself.