Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who are your favorite artists?

Hello all,

What an incredible surprise this morning. I stepped outside to let the pets out and feed them, and it's about 65 degrees, with a cool breeze blowing! This is the South, otherwise known as "The Almighty Sauna" for those of you who may not live here. It was so different, so refreshing, that I stood up and took notice.

I think that's what happens when we find artistic things which inspire us. Whether they be books, films, paintings, photos, or people--these are the things which make us stand up and take notice.

So, my question to you on this lovely Saturday morning is...Who are YOUR favorite artists? What excites you about a character, a place, an art gallery, a photo, a person?

I will post my responses in another blog entry, but for now...calling all followers and people who comment (c' know who you are!) to tell me your thoughts first.



Willena said...

One of my favorite artists is Paul Klee.

Although he is an abstract painter, I can usually identify with something on his canvases.

We also have that Tunisia connection.

But he's just one of my favorites.

The Writers Canvas said...

I agree. It's interesting how places can connect you too. I love Michalopoulos's work too because he uses these vibrant paints to do skewed views of iconic New Orleans sights.

Thx for the comment!


Anonymous said...

For me it's Leonardo, not only as a painter, about which he was generally reluctant, but as an engineer, designer, and overall genius. His personal life is also fascinating. Wonder if in today's society he'd be called a cranky old goat?

The Writers Canvas said...

Thx for commenting, Jan :) I think many an artist back then would be subject to terms like 'grumpy old goat' in today's world. It seems like a different mindset, but I agree. Love the intricate detail of his paintings. Thanks!


Elizabeth Patch said...

If I could only take one artist with me on a desert island (torture to have to pick) I would take Henri Matisse for his luscious color and sinuous line, his beautiful use of pattern and his deceptively simple drawing style. I once saw a retrospective of his work at the MOMA in NY and almost couldn't breathe it was so beautiful...

The Writers Canvas said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I like Matisse's use of color--some of them seem to jump out at me depending on the painting.

Appreciate the comment :)