Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adding humor to the day...

Always remember to keep your sense of humor. If you have lost yours, or can't find yours, then try to absorb someone else's until you regain yours back.

Have become addicted to Twitter recently. For any Twitter-bees out there, I recommend that you follow actor Christopher Walken. The guy is hilarious. I admit, I have liked him ever since he played Duane, Diane Keaton's crazy brother, in "Annie Hall" in 1977. Then I heard he was once a lion tamer. That made me like him even more.

Now he's on Twitter, and he's got some hysterical posts. If you're on Twitter, check him out - It'll make you laugh. And you know what they say...laughter is the best medicine, so take plenty and call me in the morning!



Mignon said...

Hi, love your blog, but don't see where I can follow......will definitely check out the funny fella on Twitter. I love Twitter. :)


....and I'm JewelryByMignon on Twitter. :)

The Writers Canvas said...

Thanks for the comment! I try posting here a few times per week. You can follow me on twitter at If you're on Twitter, you can search for writerscanvas and follow me. If not, you can go to the main URL page and see my updates.

Thanks again!