Saturday, April 19, 2008

Indie # 8 - Neil Brown Fine Art Photography

Happy weekend, everyone! The weather here is in the 60s, with a cool breeze shaking the yellow pollen out of the air. Great day to write on the patio! My aim is to complete the first book draft by the end of the weekend.

Today's Indie (#8) is Neil R. Brown Fine Art Photography. You can see his works on his web site, but you might see him at your local arts festival too. He had a booth at Atlanta's popular Dogwood Festival a few years back, an annual arts festival in Piedmont Park (although due to the Georgia drought, I think it's been moved this year). Neil will be at the Inman Park Festival in Atlanta. Those of you close enough to drive, it's worth checking out!

In addition to many black and white photos of stark nature, Europe, and national parks, he also has tinted images for sale. These are my favorites because they combine black and white with tinted blue streams or purple/yellow flowers. The juxtaposition of the two is intriguing.

You can select any three images to put in a trio frame, if you wish. Currently I have a trio of Banff Lake, Two Car Garage, and The Black Canyon. Then last year, my hubby bought me the 5x7 of Crimson.

While I loved the sharp red rose tint of this picture, it wasn't until I received it that I had the real gift. Neil signs the back of all his prints, and he informed me this photo was taken in New Orleans's Garden District. I grew up in New Orleans and was heartbroken when Hurricane Katrina hit, making this photo all the more special.

Check him out - at your local festival or on his web site!

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