Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lost songs like found money!

I feel like I've just done a load of laundry and found $10 which got run in the washer by mistake! In other words, found money where I hadn't expected!

No, I didn't really find money...but I did find 4 songs from
Roger Drawdy & The Firestarters "Open Seas, Empty Skies" CD which were stored in a different folder on my hard drive. I purchased the MP3 album from Amazon...and I think I accidentally opened Windows Media Player when it was downloading, because 4 songs accidentally wound up in a separate Library folder, and not in the usual download location.

By the way, to answer those of you who emailed, yes, you can purchase their CDs on Amazon.
Click here to view their CD list. (If this link does not work, simply do a search and the list will display.)

So even though I've had the CD for a month, I listened to those songs yesterday for the first time... and WOW. I especially liked one called
"Tatters." The lyrics are too powerful to describe, but on a high level, the song is about life in Ireland and coming to America seeking opportunity. This one made me cry. It's beautiful.

Like all things "coincidence" (Friday's blog will have more info on "coincidence" so be sure to check back!) hearing this song was perfect timing with the book in progress. My protagonist's parents are from Ireland but moved to the States, and hearing this song helped me envision their background a bit...perfect research for a book's secondary characters.

Speaking of country/ of our family friends, 22 years old, is an Army MP and is going to Iraq next week. Between knowing him and others who serve our country, and hearing the song about seeking better opportunities here, I don't think we (USA) remember enough how fortunate we are. It's not that we're ungrateful, because I think many of us are. (And for those who truly aren't...Karma will deal with you!)

The scandals, daily stress, and corruption schemes flood the media, and in the midst of all the controversial hubub, we forget how much we really have. Whatever political party we may choose, or whatever our feelings about the Iraq war may be, we owe it to ourselves and those men and women who fight for our freedom, to use the gifts we've been given. We have the opportunity and freedom to try. And that is the most blessed gift of all.

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