Monday, March 17, 2008

Another suggestion when creating names...

It's always a good idea to ask friends, critique partners, and trusted colleagues what they think of your name selections. While not always necessary, hearing feedback from people not as close to your manuscript will give you a fresh perspective.

Perfect example: I'm in the process of choosing a name for a key character in my current work in progress (WIP). I want the name to mean something, and in my mind the name I chose made sense. When I asked 2 writer friends about it, they said it reminded them of an expansive, grandeur "place" with regal surroundings. Sooooo NOT what I intended, so I went back to the drawing board and began playing around some more. I think I've decided on what the character's name will be, but am still marinating on the decision.

Other readers and writers feedback is invaluable, not only for name choices but for feedback on your manuscript!

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